Performing Artistes Pass is issued to artistes for performing at any Public Entertainment Licensed outlets that remain open to public for a minimum of 6 hours a day. The maximum validity period of the pass is 6 months and is not renewable. Any person who has been issued a Performing Artistes Work Pass is not eligible for another pass in the same category (or in any other category) for the next one year. Establishments where a Performing Artistes Work Pass holder can work includes bars, discotheques, lounges, night clubs, pubs, hotels, private clubs or restaurants.

The issue of Performing Artistes Work Pass is decided case by case and the issuing authority uses its discretion when issuing them. The number of foreign performing artistes that a Public Entertainment Licensed outlet can employ is limited and they are required to employ at least one local worker for every 8 foreign artistes employed. For bigger licensed outlets this ratio can go up to a maximum of 12 performing artistes.

Further, the employer is also required to pay $400 for the first 8 foreign artistes and $750 for the ninth and above.

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