Every employer who wants to employ a foreigner is first required to obtain a Work Permit by applying to The Controller of Work Passes. The foreigner should be from one of the approved sources, namely:

  • Malaysia
  • North Asian Sources (NAC) – Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea and Taiwan
  • Non-Traditional Sources (NTS) – India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Bangladesh, The Republic of the Union of Myanmar and Philippines
  • People Republic of China

Employers are not permitted to apply for a Work Permit for a person who is within Singapore, except in case of those from Malaysia.

Foreign workers can be brought in only after the employer has obtained an In-Principle Approval (IPA) and furnished a security bond of $5,000 for each worker. In addition to the general conditions applicable for employing foreign workers, employers are also required to meet conditions that are specific to certain business sectors, notably –

  • Construction
  • Marine
  • Manufacturing
  • Process Construction & Maintenance
  • Services

The Ministry of Manpower also requires that the employer should generally ensure foreign workers’ welfare and interest.

Conditions & Requirements

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