We operate on a global basis to bring businesses and jobseekers together for mutual benefit. We are reputed for providing all-encompassing holistic service to clients and job-seekers alike.

Services for Client Companies include –

  • Identifying the right professionals, skilled and semi-skilled workers and assisting them in the recruiting process
  • Conducting background check on prospective applicants – educational, competence, experience, credential claims and general aptitude for the job
  • Rendering assistance for relocating selected candidates and providing assistance in documenting work contracts
  • Post-employment assistance like monitoring employee performance, contract compliance and general counseling
  • Pre-employment information on current salary levels based on skill level and skill level assessment of applicants

Services for Jobseekers include –

  • Identifying the right job based on experience, education, past performance, preferences and age
  • Providing information on existing vacancies commensurate with the applicants educational qualification, age, experience and special skills and training undergone
  • Help to get government clearances, finding accommodation, orientation program based on local cultures, law and general compliance requirements
  • Help to get contracts executed to the benefit of client company as well as the employees

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