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Dubai Work Permit and Residence Visa

Dubai is one of the emirates within the UAE (United Arab Emirates). It is considered as an ideal location for both business and employment. It is highly industrialized with a booming economy. It has a convertible currency, a stable foreign exchange rate and minimalist tax. Job opportunities abound, and generally there is very little restriction on foreigners taking up a vocation here.

Opportunities in Dubai

Dubai ranks after Hong Kong and Singapore as the 3rd largest re-export hub in the world. It processes nearly 3 M Tons of air freight and 12 M TEUs in sea container freight and handles more than 50 million airline passengers annual, all of which accounts for its immense potential to employ people from all destinations of the world. This is in addition to the large petroleum industry for which it is reputed. Jobs are available for skilled, unskilled, professionals in most of the sectors – teaching, medical, engineering etc. Dubai also has a notably big retailing sector for consumer goods & services.

Working Conditions

Jobseekers who prefer western lifestyle will find the place comfortable to live. It is a much preferred destination for professionals, business organizations and families. The administration is generally tolerant towards other beliefs and faiths than any other in this part of the world. Life generally moves at a relaxed pace, and security issues are fewer making the place secure.

In terms of entertainment and education too, Dubai scores well. Expatriates can find good schools for their children and there are international quality sporting facilities for leisurely activities like golf, squash, rugby, tennis, sailing and many others. There is no dearth for places to dine and spend the night. Climate is generally good throughout the year but for couple months in the summer when temperatures shoot up. Dubai may be compared with Hong Kong for many different reasons.

Work Permits & Residence Visa

To work in Dubai, you will first need to obtain a Work Visa before entering its territory. A Work Visa is valid for 60 days and during the period you will be required to obtain a Residence Visa through your sponsor (generally your employer). With a Work Visa, you should be able to work or find an employer during the validity period.

If your husband of wife already holds a Residence Visa, he or she is also eligible to sponsor your application. Residence Visa holders are eligible to bring in their family (wife, sons under 18 years and unmarried daughters). Depending on your nationality the applicable rules may be different. If you are from within an UAE state, there may not be many papers to be processed.

Existing Residence Visa holders are also eligible to bring in servants upon certain conditions.

Doing Business

To do business in Dubai, you will need a local partner (commonly known as sponsor) except in the free trade zone. In other parts, your share in business will be restricted to 49% maximum. The rules governing the setting up of commercial activities are generally complex, and it is advisable to do it through an established consultant. Sponsors generally do not actively involve themselves in the day to day affairs, but their signature will be required when you have to deal with government departments.

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