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Our requirement for a NDT technician had every ingredients of toughness. No one would have envied the job, and worse still, all our repeated efforts had failed. It proved a godsend to us when Westrama stepped in. They succeed in what was otherwise so elusive all along. Now we have what we wanted and our thanks are due to Westrama.

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I have been a cargo supervisor all during my brief career. I had a burning ambition to work abroad and earn a decent living, and help came my way by way of Westrama. My many thanks are to Westrama for finding me a profitable job in Singapore. I have already started to recommend them for my relatives.

My career is in a niche sector and searching for a job as a technical support engineer is like looking for a needle in the haystack. I was really surprised when they handed me an appointment letter from a well known company in Singapore as a Technical Support Engineer. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I endorse Westrama for Jobseekers.